Why Timelapse?

Discover the convenient purposes of the timelapse

Communication, learning, memory and emulation tool,
there are numerous reasons to make a timelapse

The Time lapse is above all
a great communication tool:

A timelapse summarizes months or even years of construction work in just a few minutes or seconds.
Acceleration is a breathtaking process. The waouh effect is almost always there, and the audience is captivated. It is particularly well-suited for social media and has real potential to go viral.

During Construction

Intermediate Time lapse can be captured and shared at regular intervals, be it monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually.

It can also be created to celebrate the completion of significant project milestones, such as the conclusion of demolition or the structural phase, and more.

Additionally, we can produce intermediate Timelapse sequences tailored to your specific events (e.g., general meetings, annual reports, trade shows, etc.).

Intermediate Timelapse highlights the progression of your project and creates mini-events during the construction phase.

It can be distributed internally, featured on your website, shared on social media platforms, or targeted to a select audience (partners, buyers, prospects, etc.).

For instance, it can be seamlessly integrated into a newsletter to keep future property owners informed about the progress of their construction project.

Post Instagram de Rebatir Notre-Dame de Paris
Instagram 2023 - Account publication
Rebatir Notre dame

2023 – Inauguration of Hangar Y in Meudon
Looped timelapse on a large screen

After Construction

The Final Time lapse

This serves as the perfect communication tool to celebrate the successful completion of a project. It can be presented as :
  • a gift to clients
  • shared on social media
  • displayed on a large screen during an inauguration event
  • sent to the pres
  • showcased prominently on your website or YouTube channel, and more.
The Time lapse or Time lapses can also be seamlessly incorporated into an end-of-year film or a video greeting card. From a 15-second Instagram story to continuous looped playback on a large screen in a reception area, the communication possibilities with Time Lapse are numerous. We are at your disposal to showcase these options and share concrete examples with you.”

The Time lapse,
a learning tool:

The most prestigious construction schools use our TimeLapse in support of their courses, to share construction techniques. It is also an extraordinary didactic tool for briefing new employees, whether by allowing them to take on a work in progress while discovering the history in a few seconds, or by offering them a quick overview of the manufacturing processes. The timelapse is particularly effective for presenting construction techniques or understanding phasing.

The Time lapse,
a memory tool:

The time lapse allows you to summarize and archive a piece of history, that of your creation or achievement, that of your city or district. The before / after is transcended here. It also makes it possible to return to a construction stage after years and bring the transformation of a place to life for eternity.

The Time lapse,
a valuation tool and internal emulation:

It allows you to highlight the genius of your teams by offering an incomparable before / after, it is a great tool for internal emulation and for progress report that is fun and meaningful. Employees who have worked for several years on a project can finally share it with their loved ones, and thus enhance their experience.

The Time lapse,
an enriching complement to your other supports:

A Timelapse film can then be broken down into longer, more general films, greeting films, demo tape, report or documentary, it can illustrate interviews, and be made available to journalists to enrich or illustrate their subjects. about your business or your achievements.