Time lapse is our Passion
and Core Expertise

We specialize in creating short, impactful videos for
communication, promotion, documentation, and preservation.

Our expertise lies in selecting, optimizing, and seamlessly assembling thousands of images captured at regular intervals to craft breathtaking time-lapse films. Our dedicated software corrects for brightness, flickering, stabilizes images, and the skill and artistry of our motion designers bring it all together.

What is Time lapse?

Cinema and video rely on the phenomenon of retinal persistence in our eyes. When we watch images in succession, they linger in our retinas for a brief moment. This effect creates the illusion of smooth motion when we display 24 images per second, resulting in a sense of fluidity. In reality, a camera captures 24 photos per second to achieve this smooth real-time playback. If you capture more than 24 images per second, say 58, and then play them back at 24 images per second, you get slow motion—a smooth, slower-paced effect.

Time lapse, on the other hand, does the opposite. We can capture one photo per second, per minute, or even per hour, and when we compile them at 24 images per second, we create an accelerated effect, the intensity of which depends on the time intervals between the shots.

Monteur timelapsego en plein montage de film timelapse
Our chief editor in the process of editing a timelapse film on one of our dedicated software
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How to Create Timelapse?

To create a Time lapse, we need still images captured at regular intervals. When these images are taken automatically or on a scheduled basis, it’s referred to as chronophotography. TimeLapse Go’ technology allows for remote scheduling and adjustment of the frequency and time slots.

Our computers are equipped with powerful processors and software to handle tens of thousands of Ultra High Definition images. Our video editors are genuine experts and enthusiasts in Time lapse.

Here’s an overview of the process:

Preliminary Discussion with the Client: Before editing, we engage in discussions with the client to determine the key phases to highlight. We can offer films ranging from 15 seconds in traditional format to several minutes, depending on your requirements. Various formats are also available.

  1. Image selection 
  2. Synopsis Writing
  3. Color Correction
  4. Stabilization
  5. Creating Camera Movements, Zooming, and Panning
  6. Titling and Graphics
  7. Adding Music
  8. Sending the film for validation
  9. Making Corrections Based on Your Feedback: Multiple iterations are possible.
  10. Final film delivery

Innovation Serving Timelapse:

Our Research and Development (R&D) department is consistently working to optimize and simplify the creation of stunning Time Lapse videos at the best prices.

Ultra High-Definition Shots:

Logo Nikon A beautiful Time Lapse begins with exceptional photos. This is why we have established an exclusive partnership with Nikon France, the exclusive supplier of our camera equipment. We use reliable and high-quality 24.2-megapixel D3500 series DSLR cameras. Additionally, we utilize a range of DX Nikkor lenses, from 10mm to 110mm. Upon request, we can also provide full-frame Nikon DSLRs and capture images in Raw format.

Image Selection:

The key to a successful Time Lapse lies in the selection of images. This task is always carried out by our director-editors. They are assisted by specialized software that selects only usable shots, but the final choice remains in the hands of our specialists. Innovation complements human expertise.

Audiovisual editing :

Our editors employ powerful hardware and software, allowing them to work, correct, color grade, stabilize, and assemble thousands of images simultaneously, even in 4K.

Appareil Nikon D3500