Construction Site Monitoring

A Comprehensive Suite Encompassing
Timelapse and Imaging

Dedicated to enhancing your productions through innovation, responsiveness, and reliability

They have placed their trust in us:

Creating stunning time-lapse films optimized for social media

From a few minutes to several years of footage, we produce time-lapse films for all purposes: communication, documentation, archival, or educational.

Regular interval photos to track your construction sites as if you were there

Our ultra High Definition DSLR cameras are connected to a customized site monitoring interface accessible in real-time.

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Innovation Research and Development at the Core of Our DNA

Our R&D department is continuously dedicated to enhancing our solutions, striving to provide greater ease of use and more valuable and relevant features.
We were the pioneers in developing 360° construction site monitoring and Time-Lapse, with the support of the INNOV’up grant from the Île-de-France region and BPI. TimeLapse Go’ consistently explores the tools of the future while continually optimizing our existing solutions. Our R&D team is also committed to serving our clients and prospects, and there’s nothing we enjoy more than finding solutions to your specific challenges.

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