An Essential Tool for Tracking Construction Progress and Communicating Freely

High-definition photos captured at regular intervals,
accessible via a monitoring interface

How Does Construction Site Monitoring Work?

An Ultra HD DSLR camera, integrated into a rugged and waterproof ‘TLGO’ Box, takes photos at regular intervals and sends them in real-time to our secure server. These photos are instantly accessible on a personalized monitoring website. You can view them at any time on any device, be it a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Numerous features enable you to zoom into the image, quickly search for a specific moment or photo, view daily or weekly time-lapses, download or share photos, create before/after sliders, and establish visitor or administrator access.
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Our Construction Site Monitoring Offering

Consultation and Expertise: We assist you in determining the number of viewpoints and their locations. With our wide range of focal lengths and mounting solutions, we recommend the best viewing angles for each situation. We can also handle site assessments and any necessary authorization requests.

Installation and Maintenance: We take care of everything, from mounting on railings, I-beams, walls, or ceilings to parapets, weighted masts, telescopic masts, or masts on concrete bases. We always propose the most suitable, secure, and cost-effective system. Our equipment installation complies with safety standards. Our photographer-installers are qualified for working at high altitude and always wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

In case of malfunctions, we receive real-time alerts and diagnostics, allowing us to promptly arrange the necessary response. We provide rapid intervention in less than 48 hours, which can be further expedited during critical periods, such as significant project phases.

Power Supply : In line with pragmatic and responsible environmental considerations, we offer two power supply options: a photovoltaic panel and battery for a 100% autonomous solution, or connection to a 220V outlet (with an estimated annual consumption of €5) for an economical and environmentally friendly* solution.


The Monitoring Interface

All your photos are instantly accessible on a dedicated and secure website. Whether in admin or visitor mode, you can access all the photos since the beginning of the construction using your personalized access code.
Our clean and sleek interface is designed to be both straightforward and practical. It allows you to efficiently track your construction site and quickly becomes an essential tool for dispute resolution, CSR optimization, and safety.

100% GDPR compliant!

We have developed a construction site monitoring system that perfectly aligns with GDPR requirements, respecting privacy and image rights. Two options are available to suit your needs: automatic face blurring and area masking.
To be clear with the RGPD, you need to blur! Automatic blurring of faces is done in real time using artificial intelligence trained on tens of thousands of shots. The blurring of areas is made to measure and can be adjusted according to the progress of the site.
Whenever workers, neighbors, passersby, or private properties are clearly recognizable in the image, GDPR compliance becomes a consideration. Discuss this with your TimeLapse Go’ contact; they will suggest the most effective solution to ensure full compliance and reassure your teams or partners.

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Example of 100% GDPR Blurring on a Construction Site © TimeLapse Go' 2022

Innovation in Construction Site Monitoring

Artificial intelligence:

Our R&D department is working on artificial intelligence to offer you a more comprehensive and efficient service. Our face-blurring solution is based on AI that our engineers have subjected to extensive training, resulting in a customer satisfaction rate of 100%!
We can develop custom features based on your data analysis needs. Contact us.

Storage :

Storing images on-site would pose a significant risk of loss or theft. That’s why we have made every effort to ensure the immediate transmission of images to a secure server through a high-performance 4G connection. This allows you to access all your photos in real-time.
Local storage is only used in the event of a 4G or Wi-Fi connection failure. As soon as the connection is restored, the images are sent to our secure server, which instantly forwards them to the personalized construction site monitoring interface.


Autonomy :

The TimeLapse GO’ solution can achieve complete autonomy through a photovoltaic panel connected to a buffer battery. Given the particularly unpredictable climate variations in recent years, our photovoltaic installations are always overestimated to withstand very adverse weather conditions, as experienced in France in the first quarter of 2018.

In line with pragmatic ecological considerations and cost savings, our installation can also be connected to a 220V power supply, reducing costs and proving to be more environmentally friendly due to the carbon footprint of photovoltaic panels and batteries.

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* on an energy-efficient solution like this, the carbon footprint is better at 220V than with a photovoltaic panel.