Site Monitoring?

Discover all the possible uses of site monitoring here.

A practical and cost-saving tool, site monitoring can be a valuable aid.

A surveillance tool:

Site monitoring allows you to remotely track the progress of your construction site(s) or projects, in real-time. No matter where you are in the world, an internet connection grants you access to view the advancement of your project in Super High Definition on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can also quickly locate significant events thanks to the Timeline feature. You have constant, immediate access to the entire photo history of your site, and the high definition of the images allows for zooming in to capture important details. In admin mode, the “download a photo” function enables you to instantly share a specific and dated snapshot.

A monitoring tool:

Our connected chronophotography service allows you to verify in real-time that essential safety rules are being followed, such as wearing helmets and ensuring there are no unsecured ladders, etc. It also allows you to retrospectively confirm that a project milestone has taken place as planned.

Real-life example:
One of our clients conducted a 10-month construction project on the plaza of a tower in La Défense, Paris France. On certain days, a lifting platform was present at the site. Our client had to pay an occupancy fee calculated based on the number of days the lifting platform was present. At the end of the project, the managing organization presented an invoice assuming that the lifting platform had been present every day. Our service allowed our client to disprove this, and show only the actual days the machine was present, resulting in savings of over 100,000 euros!

A memory tool:

Connected construction site monitoring, through its tracking interface, allows you to quickly find an important phase of a construction project or simply recall the status of the site at a specific moment.

Capture d'écran de l'interface de suivi avec un chantier sous la neige

Example: Suppose you want to find the day when construction was halted due to snow. Thanks to the timeline, you can locate it in just a few seconds.

A communication tool:

Construction site monitoring serves as a communication tool on various levels. It allows you to select specific, great photos that can be integrated into a newsletter, press release, shared on your social networks, or used to respond to journalists’ requests.

It simplifies communication with your partners or service providers by providing them with access to the construction site monitoring site, either in full or limited versions, demonstrating transparency. You can easily provide visitor access codes, whether complete (all photos) or partial (one photo per hour or day) to your monitoring interface, depending on each party’s level of involvement.

For broader communication, we can implement our monitoring screen into your website on the page of your choice, with the functionalities you select. This allows potential buyers of your project to view the construction progress in real time on the dedicated page on your website. Access can also be granted to ordinary website visitors to highlight the transparency of your approach.

A sharing tool:

We offer you the option to integrate real-time images onto your website, for example, on the page dedicated to the construction site. You can choose to receive one photo per day, or every hour, or even all the photos.

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A proof of transparency:

Making the construction site monitoring website available to your clients and/or partners, in full or in a measured version, proves to them that you have nothing to hide.

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