Discover a selection of our time lapses of power stations and solar parks.

Lang Solar - Engie

Here’s the spectacular timelapse of the construction of the Meaux solar park. This is the largest photovoltaic power plant in the Île-de-France region, supplying 20% of households in the town of Meaux. The solar park was built by Langa, a subsidiary of Engie, who commissioned Timelapse Go’ to provide connected photo monitoring of the construction site, as well as timelapse and aerial images magnifying this superb achievement.

Générale du Solaire

Timelapse of the construction of the Pessens photovoltaic power plant in Aveyron, France, for Générale du Solaire. A time lapse shot using an autonomous TLGo’ Boxe installed on a mast for 5 months, as well as a drone aerial image session at the very end of the project.