Discover a selection of our building and tower time lapses

Kaufman & Broad

Here’s a timelapse of the construction of the Emergence tower in the Batignolles eco-neighborhood, Paris 17. A TimeLapse Go’ box of ultra HD chronophotography followed the construction site’s progress over 24 months, plus a final drone flyover. Emergence is a Kaufman & Broad development located between Martin Luther King Park and the railroad line in Paris 17, at the heart of the Batignolles eco-neighborhood. 170 homes, including 10 archetypal houses designed by architects Vincent Parreira and Manuel Aires Mateus.


Here’s a timelapse of the construction of the Elithis Danube Tower. The Danube Tower is a positive-energy residential tower located in Strasbourg’s Danube eco-district. Built by the Elithis group, with the support of the city of Strasbourg, this 60 m-high tower offers 66 homes over 4,500 m2 of living space. Our site-monitoring system remained in place for 36 months, a single Timelapse Go’ ultra HD box, first installed by diving from the roof of the neighboring Ephad, then once the site was off the ground, we positioned our Timelapse box and its 100mm SLR camera on the roof of a high-rise building located 1800 m from the tower.