Discover a selection of our iconic time lapses

Arc de Triomphe by Christo & Jeanne-Claude​

Discover the magnificent timelapse of the wrapping of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris as imagined by Christo and Jeanne-Claude. This timelapse film of the Arc de Triomphe wrapping was shot from three vantage points, the Champs Elysées, the Avenue de la Grande Armée and a rue de Tilsit. Our TimeLapse Go’ Boxes, equipped with 24-million-pixel digital SLR cameras, took photos at regular intervals over 10 days and nights, enabling us to create this timelapse of the Arc de Triomphe wrapped in a small tribute to the gigantic talent of Christo and Anne-Claude. The timelapse also immortalizes the tremendous work of all those who contributed to the creation of this extraordinary ephemeral work, the packaging of the Arc de Triomphe.

Hangar Y - Vinci Immobilier​

Timelapse of the restoration of Hangar Y by Vinci Immobilier for Histoire et Patrimoine and the Art explora foundation. For 16 months, Timelapse Go’ followed this amazing project to restore a site steeped in history. Three interior and two exterior timelapse boxes, plus numerous drone flights, enabled us to create a film summarizing this superb project in 2’50!

Bourse de commerce - Pinault outdoor collection

We accompanied the Pinault Collection throughout the transformation of the Paris Bourse de Commerce. Whether indoors or outdoors, we counted up to 6 boxes simultaneously, including two outdoors. This timelapse is based on images from our TLGO’ booth, installed for almost three years in the bell tower of St Eustache church.

Bourse de commerce - Pinault collection

Paris 75002 – 2017/2020 – Up to 6 boxes follow the construction site from the start. This timelapse film for social networks is made from a 180° box.

"Les yeux de JR" in Valenton

Timelapse of the installation of photographer JR’s unusual work on the SIAAP – Seine amont tanks.
JR’s original work was damaged by a storm in 2021. The company Bâches de France installed new tarpaulins, much to the delight of Seine Valenton agents, passengers on the Lyon-Paris TGV, motorists on the N406… and anyone else who sees this time lapse!
Timelapse shot with a TLGO Reflex 24 million pixel box, over 10 days.

Christmas flagship at the Louis Vuitton Vendome

Timelapse made for Jetpub, who created this incredible ephemeral decoration for the Louis Vuitton account.

Louis Vuitton Foundation

Our first great timelapse, a timeless one, still shown on a giant screen in the heart of the Foundation in the room dedicated to architect Franck O Gehry. Paris 75016 – 2012/2014 – 1 point de vue timelapse – Film summarizing the construction of the big wing – box positioned in the big crane for 30 months.