Site monitoring

Answers to any questions you may have
about site monitoring.

We’ve developed a box that’s been tested and approved for use in conditions ranging from -20 to +50°C!

Our SLR camera is housed in a box developed and manufactured by TimeLapse Go’. The box and all the electrical and electronic components have been designed and tested to operate in the most extreme climates.

For example, one of our test cameras operated without any intervention or maintenance for almost twenty-four months, in the Amazon rainforest in French Guyana!
French Guiana! Subjected to torrential rain, humidity levels sometimes close to 100% and stifling heat, we didn’t even have to clean the glass!

Although their white colour helps to limit the temperature, in summer our boxes are regularly subjected to temperatures in excess of 50°C, with no consequences up to 69°C!

In the opposite configuration, the extreme cold, our boxes are designed to operate at temperatures as low as minus twenty degrees. Some of them are installed on snow-covered peaks, and here too we encounter no problems whatsoever.

Yes, and in near real time.

At TimeLapse Go, we don’t want to take the risk of storing images locally, all images are instantly sent to our servers and accessible on your secure and personalised tracking interface.

Images that remain stored on the device’s memory card are likely to disappear if the box is stolen or vandalised, or even to be damaged in the event of an accident. By sending just a few shots a day to the monitoring site, we run the risk of jeopardising the production of your timelapse in the event of an incident. What’s more, your site monitoring cannot be limited to just a few shots a day.

With TimeLapse Go’, there’s no such risk: each shot is instantly sent to our secure server, and you can view it within seconds on your monitoring site.
Whatever the duration of your project, you can access all your shots at any time on your responsive monitoring interface.