Time Lapse is our core business, selecting, optimizing and

assembling thousands of pictures taken at regular intervals to generate breathtaking fast-motion movies. Short and compelling videos to communicate, promote, transmit or keep track.


Cinema and video are based on the phenomenon of retinal persistence of images. When we watch images scroll, they remain a few moments as etched in our retina, so when we scroll through 24 frames per second we have an impression of fluidity. A camera therefore takes 24 photos per second, to restore a fluid film in real speed. If you take more than 24 frames per second, 58 for example, and then broadcast them at 24 frames per second, you will have a slow motion, an idle twice as slow but still perfectly smooth.


The timelapse does the opposite. We can take a photo per second, per minute or even hour, if we then assemble them at 24 frames per second, we get an accelerated effect, more or less marked according to the spacing of the shots.


First of all we need still pictures taken at regular intervals. When these shots are done automatically or programmed, this is called chronophotography. TimeLapse Go’s technology allows us to program and change the frequency and time slots for remote shooting. (See construction site monitoring)

Our computers are equipped with powerful processors and software to process thousands of Ultra High Definition images. Our video editors are real specialists and Time Lapse enthusiasts.

Here is a summary of the process:

Before assembly, exchange with the customer, to define the important phases as well as the values or techniques to put forward. Definition of the desired duration. We can offer you movies ranging from 15 seconds, in traditional format, vertical Instagram, or FaceBook cover format to several minutes depending on your needs.

1. Image selection

2. Writing the synopsis (Writing the Storyline)

3. Colorimetry adjustments

4. Stabilization

5. Creation of camera movements, zoom in and zoom out

6. Titling and dressing

7. Musical setting

8. Sending the film for validation

9. Corrections according to your requests. Several back and forth possible.

10. Final film delivery 



The Time Lapse is above all a great communication tool :

It can summarize in weeks or minutes weeks, months or years of construction through breathtaking images. The Wow effect is almost always at the rendezvous and the audience is captivated.

It allows to highlight the genius of your teams by offering an incomparable before / after, it is a great tool for internal emulation and report progress of the work fun and talking.

It can be inserted in a newsletter, to inform for example the future owners of the progression of their building site, or broadcast on giant screen during an inauguration.

From the 15-second story Intagram to the big-screen broadcast in a loop in a lobby, the communication uses of the Timelapse are legion, and we are at your disposal to introduce them.

The Time Lapse a transmission tool :

The most prestigious construction schools use our TimeLaps in support of their courses, to share construction techniques. It is also an extraordinary didactic tool to brief new employees.


The Time Lapse a memory tool:

The time lapse allows you to summarize and archive a piece of history, that of your creation or realization. The before / after is here transcended. It allows to return after years on a stage of construction.


TIMELAPSE GO’ is the result of combining audiovisual specialists and connected objects. Our R & D department is constantly working to optimize and facilitate the realization of breathtaking TimeLapse at the most affordable price.

Ultra High Definition shots :


A beautiful time lapse is first of all dazzling photos. That’s why we have created a special partnership with Nikon France, exclusive supplier of our photo boxes. We use 24.2 megapixel SLR cameras from the D3500 series, as reliable as high quality. As well as a whole range of DX Nikkor and Samyang lenses depending on the desired focal length, from 10mm to 110mm. On request we can also offer full-format Nikon SLRs and take Raw snapshots.

The selection of images :

This is the key step to the success of a splendid Timelapse. This operation is always done within TimeLapse Go’ by our filmmakers. They are assisted by a special software that pre-selects only clichés exploitable, but the final choice remains that of our specialists, innovation here is at the service of human talent.

Audiovisual editing :

Our assemblers are equipped with powerful machines and software to work, correct, calibrate, stabilize and assemble simultaneously thousands of images even in 4K if desired. We continually optimize our proprietary solutions to allow our video editors to focus on the creative phases.