Our References

Local authorities and departments:

TimeLapse is the perfect tool for highlighting the development of a region and its emblematic buildings. Connected site monitoring is perfectly suited to the need to share information between the various departments involved and the general public.


From the construction of engineering structures such as bridges, viaducts and locks, to the dismantling of nuclear power plants, we are well versed in the security, confidentiality and accessibility requirements of our industrial partners.


Whether it’s to monitor the creation of an entire neighbourhood or the construction of a single house, builders are increasingly turning to us for both communication and site monitoring tools. The latter is fast becoming indispensable to site managers, project managers and project leaders.


Property developers are increasingly using our site monitoring service to share the progress of their projects with their customers. Whether it’s a tracking site inserted into their showcase site, or intermediate timelapse footage, or delivery of the construction film when the keys are handed over, there are plenty of solutions!

Museums, foundations and head offices:

It’s not for nothing that two of the world’s leading art foundations have called on Timelapse Go to track their construction projects: our service is the perfect tool for communicating in real time about the construction of extraordinary buildings, and keeping the public on the edge of their seats.


From ultra-luxury to consumer goods, retail brands call on us to enable their teams around the world to follow the implementation of their flagship projects, as well as to communicate the opening of new boutiques or flagships.


Developers use our images to inform and communicate with their local partners and future occupants. TimeLapse is a fantastic tool for summarising and promoting long-term projects in just a few seconds.

Social landlords:

Now more than ever, social landlords need to communicate their achievements, new buildings and renovations to both local authorities and their customers. What better way to do this than with timelapse? Both for institutional communication and for sharing with occupants.

Hospitals and universities:

We monitor a large number of hospital construction sites, both indoors and outdoors, enabling management teams to keep an eye on their sites at all times. Campuses share their progress with the public and use our timelapse footage for official ceremonies.

Scaffolding and exterior scenography:

TimeLapse is the ideal medium for showcasing outdoor set design operations such as decorative tarpaulins or large-scale wrap-around scaffolding.

Photovoltaic power stations:

Builders of photovoltaic power stations call on us both to be able to monitor the progress of their often isolated sites remotely and with great precision, and to share summaries of the work carried out with partner local authorities and the general public.

Consulting agencies: